Monday, August 23, 2010

Why don't you just go blog about it, jerk.

You need to write more.
I gotta start writing again.
I love it when you write things.
I didn't get any writing done today.
I never have anything to write about.

Perhaps I run with a pretty small crowd, but everyone I know loves writing. All they want to do is write, or perhaps more accurately, write and complain about how much they hate writing. The goal of this endeavor is to start chipping away at that big chunky brick of crap that prevents us from writing more often.

The number one biggest roadblock for me has always been not knowing what, exactly, I ought to write about. I'll sit down, put on my WRITING MUSIC and stare at my blank OpenOffice window for... ever. I can never really start. I'll have a couple of really brilliant lines, maybe an interesting thought or two, but nothing that really comes together as a full, cohesive piece.

Each once in a while, the Writing, Writer, Writest staff will be assigned a topic. The first one is sports, because that's what was on my TV when I was pressed for a topic. Everyone writes whatever they want, so long as it's relevant to the subject. First official sports-related post goes up Sunday, August 29. Be here AND be square. I mean, you're reading an internet literary journal, you dork.

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