Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marsi White - Getting Back on the Horse

Mischief and mayhem,

I heard it has been said,

That friends are bonded,

Through the stunts ahead.

The whispers and planning,

The very next game,

The cocktails, the parties,

Rich, loud and untame.

Fun had by all.

Though its the glorious few,

Who scheme and connive,

Motivate anew.

Out of sorts, out of time,

Personal restrictions.

Friends pulling me back,

To their chaotic missions.

Cherishing every minute,

Holding their hands,

Like leading me to water,

My soul fed, commands.

Through thick and thin,

Girls, saving me,

From myself and the mundane,

From my problems and worries.

Mischief and mayhem,

They most definitely start.

But they do it with love,

They do it with heart.

Marsi lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, two children and dog. A private foundation grants writer by trade, Marsi explores her creative side by contributing to Writing Writer Writest. She is a breast cancer survivor who is fighting a long fight. She keeps a blog of her journey, entitled Nip-It.

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