Saturday, October 9, 2010

Josh Grimmer: State of the Union for October 9, 2010

Hey everybody!

Holy smokes, I've looked at THE NUMBERS. We've had (as of right this moment) over six thousand page views! Look at that number. Over six thousand. That's four digits, guys. Great work, everyone! Tell your friends to tell their friends and they ought to tell their friends, too.

Now, since we've got so many views, I feel like we need a logo. Are you a graphics design type? Are you a drawing, drawer, drawest type? Do you like to take photos or whatever? I don't care what it is, I just want a logo. If you'd be so kind as to make some kind of logo and send it my way, that'd be super awesome. No specific dimensions, I have no idea what'll look good until I see it. If I pick your thing, you might even get a prize! (PRIZE OFFER CONTINGENT ON ME NOT BEING POOR.)

Now on to the assignments! This coming Friday, I'd like to get as many essays as I can on the subject "Buildings and Food." This topic was inspired by the title of a Talking Heads album, but I won't tell which one! (My secret!)

The week after that - Friday, October 22 - send me your essays about Halloween. It's the scariest of the holidays, or so I have been told.

Thanks for participating, and I hope to see all kinds of pretty pictures flood my inbox.

Grosses bises,

Josh Grimmer, Editor-in-Chief

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