Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Trails

Hey everyone, just a tiny update here. It is with an indifferent heart that I announce the indefinite suspension of Writing, Writer, Writest. It has been a lot of fun - and really quite useful - for as long as it has been running, but the project just isn't doing it for me anymore. And when I say "me," I am speaking as both Josh and Meg. Josh was the first to admit it to himself, then Meg joined in. They're both kinda over it. Thank you so much to all of our writers over the past five months. We love you so much, and you were so fantastic. There were so many beautiful, touching, hilarious, personal and weird essays.

There will likely come a day when WWW returns from the Internet mists. Maybe in... six months? Three months? Two years. A week! TIMES! A few hours. Whatever. Friday? Fried egg? Some day, I'm sure. Just not right now. In any event guys, it's been a lot of fun. Thank you.

Grosses bises,
Josh Grimmer (and probably Meg Wood, too. Can't speak for her. You know what? I'm gonna. She says thanks.)


  1. Bummer. But I understand. Thanks to you and Meg for keeping it going as long as you did.

  2. I do say thanks! I was really honored to have been involved and if Josh ever wants to try it again, I'm totally in.

  3. I want to add my thank-you as well. It was a challenge as well as a lot of fun to write to your topics.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of it guys!