Sunday, January 2, 2011

Malkah Duprix: Untitled

This bag of colorful fabric from the thrift store

It’s been crushed inside plastic and stapled in

Unfold it. Iron out the creases.

It could make something pretty or keep somebody warm.

Someone gave it away.

Big ideas maybe, plans for purses, bags, coats, aprons

A stuffed animal

A pillow case

A checkbook cover with elephants or birds.

Nothing came of it.

Maybe hands got tired

Mine do, from time to time

And in those times when grey pervades,

my hands have no purpose here.

But I can make things:



Pair and match,

Stitch and clip.

Time is made of what we have on hand

I’ve got this bag of colorful fabric from the thrift store.

Open it. Let the colors out.


  1. That's beautiful. That makes me want to sit by your side and watch you.

  2. So good. My first thought [b/c I am a selfish so-and-so] was "make me something." I think that's just the creative part of me that feels frozen at the moment.

    Maybe I'll make myself something.