Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best Week Ever

This past week was probably my favorite week ever in the history of weeks.

I think the blog was really awesome too (I was trying to make a joke, but then I realized that I'm actually really serious).

I want to revisit the twenty-minute stories again in the future. We got lots and lots of interest in it, which is what I thought would happen, but honestly had no idea how great everyone's writing would turn out to be. So, thank you so much!

I'm not here to get sappy. I'm just here to tell you what's up: Submissions for this upcoming week's theme, "Favorite Things" are due and so far I only have one submission! WHAT. IS. UP. WITH. THAT. Don't you have a favorite thing? You can draw it. You can write about it. You can write about your least favorite thing to be more original than the rest of us.

I want to shout out to Scott Joel Gizicki for next week's theme, "The Kindness of Strangers." And Shannon McIntyre for the following week's theme, "Things I Oughta Know by Now." Things you should know by now? That writing is so much fun!

So there it is. 4/15 The Kindness of Strangers and 4/22 Things I Oughta Know by Now. Write something. Send it in to: and we will love you and love you forever.


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  1. sorry! I will get right to work. April is my least favorite month