Saturday, April 9, 2011

Luke Lagraff - Pulse-esque


"No, there is no way. That's right. Would I buy that? Do you want me to? Should I disclose that I would like to buy that? I would buy that. Excuse me. Excuse me. Just a little left. Here I come. That was way ballin'. Nah, brah! That was! It was somethin that you or me or him wouldn't have even done had we not been there, ya know? That's just the facts of stuff, ya know? NO. OTHER. WAY. Why are ya not drinkin?"

A shake of the head.

"You're not gonna be drinkin?"

A shake of the head.

"You ever had Monk Chunk I.P.A 8.9%? So dank. What about just Monk Chunk Gold 6.7%? It's actually some of the best brew to come out of Wyoming since '92. Ya gotta try it. Just go get some. Just go. I mean, Blue Moon is good too. It works. It does. I like art. I do art. I like art. I like art deco, art reco, art flamenco. I have a manager who has been trying to get me to move to Miami. I don't know about that though. I mean, I have to go to work on Monday morning, ya know. Anybody else have to go to work on Monday morning? Anybody? Anybody? Wow. It's quiet. Everybody goin home. I need some weed. I haven't smoked weed in, like, three weeks! Anybody have any weed? Anybody? Can you imagine... three weeks... I can't find nothin. Nothin. I really do like art though. Do you like art?"

A shake of the head.


A shake of the head.

"TV? Radio? Billboards? The internet?"

Shakes of the head.


A shake of the head.

"What kind of shoes are you wearing?"

"I don't remember," the other man said.

"That's the sign of a hard worker, man. You said it. I've been designing shoes for, like, 3 years now, and I don't see anything stopping the momentum I've amassed. The shoes are gonna just stomp, brah! I mean, think about it, three years, right. They better stomp! Right? God, why is everyone so quiet? Everybody's going home to eat dinner, uh? Everybody's got their dinners thought about. What are you gonna have? I would have that. I saw that movie 'Sucker Punch', man. It sucked, man. I mean, the first half was alright I guess, but then the director probably smoked too much meth and it just became all crazy and I couldn't understand it anymore, ya know? I mean, what's up with movies anyways? Ya know? What was the last movie you saw? I just saw Sucker Punch. Did you see it? I saw it. I saw most of it. I saw Spiderman vs. The Ewoks vs. Superman vs. Minnie the Moocher the other day. I saw most of it. What is up with movies? I don't know if I should disclose this. You're getting off here, too?"


Luke LaGraff is a lover of sandwiches, egg nog, and one of a kind days. He used to forget them, but now has realized he shouldn't; they have more meaning than ever at this point of his life. He enjoys the sun in LA and watches hockey and funny things whenever he can. He listens to people. He's from Tennessee.


  1. I like this a lot. Thanks Luke. I want to go see Spiderman vs. The Ewoks vs. Superman vs. Minnie the Moocher.

  2. we can see it for free!