Saturday, June 25, 2011

Riddhi Mehta - A Letter to My Child

Dear Child,

You are not yet a part of my world. You are not yet a part of this world. Yet I know you. I know you as a reflection of myself. I know you as I know me. I know you as I am a reflection of my mother and her mother before her. I know you as I am a reflection of my father and his mother.

I know you dear child-for you are my reflection. My reflection-yet to be reflected.
Know this dear child; I love you no matter what. Know this dear child; you don't have to be the best of the smartest or the fastest for my love.
I do not expect you to live up to the expectations-others or my own.
I do expect you to respect the expectations of others.
Yet dear child-reflect at what you do... for what you do is a reflection of you.
Yet none of this matters!
You don't exist. Your reflection doesn't exist.
But I reflect upon this. So it matters to me and not to the faint reflection of you.

Best regards,
Your mother's reflection

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