Monday, June 6, 2011

Leif Nordberg - Limits of a mere man (autobiographical)

Number of cups of coffee: 3 (until eye twitch)
Minutes listening to stories about your cat: 0
Minutes watching videos of your cat: Approaching infinity
Consecutive number of words writing: 750
Consecutive number of words reading: 400, cat video, 400, cat video, 400, etc.
Number of times listening to Donald Trump apologize: Irrelevant, never happens
Consecutive hours driving: 20
Number of times driving 20 consecutive hours in a lifetime: 1 (firm)
Minutes listening to talk radio: Approaching 0
Minutes watching NewsRadio: Approaching infinity
Number of times being in love: Undefined
Number of times saying "I love you": Unknown
Number of times saying "I lub woo": Irrelevant, never happens
Number of times writing "I lub woo": 2
Number of meta limits in a list of limits: 2
Thank yous for reading: A lot

I'm just a man. I have things. They are here.


  1. Funny! Apreciate your wit and humor. Good job. Keep on writing, you are good. Or is it gob, or god or bery goob. Love your play on words.

  2. Thanks a lot, Mr./Ms. Anonymous! And I like what you did with the whole Scientology thing.

    Cheers \~/