Sunday, May 22, 2011

Caroline Muniak - List of Chores

Nobody likes to think of their list of chores. I know I sure don't. Unless I get them done, UNLESS, then they are a sure fire sign, staring me in the face (when I actually look at it) that I am still a fuck up, still a child, and still going to get in trouble for not doing them. Of course, these days the trouble is no longer getting spanked or grounded for weeks at a time, it's just still needing to do them and it getting worse and worse. And then for some reason I sort of self-ground myself. But fuck it...

- brush teeth
- wash face
- go to therapy
- go to school & straighten that shit out
- eat somewhere in there
- doing my morning pages somewhere in there- go to the gym
- clean the dishes
- go to the gym
- clean myself
- sew a pillow, at least start
- eat... again...
- make brownies for tomorrow
- go to a meeting
- not hang out...
- GO TO BED AT A DECENT HOUR because I don't want to feel like killing anyone tomorrow.

Fuck me... It's possible the pillow and the dishes don't get done, but that's probably because I want to do those more than any of the others, except the baking... can't wait to do that. Who wants to lick the spoon?

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