Friday, May 13, 2011

Katie McMahon - anyway

every time I buy a bag of those blue tortilla chips that I like, half of the bag sits out on the counter, stale.

I want to be with you so you'll eat the other half.

I know you don't really like those chips, so maybe we could buy something that we both like.

or you could eat them anyway, and next time we could share something that I don't really like.

and when it's your birthday, even though I kind of hate it, I'll eat chocolate cake anyway,

like on Tuesday, when you were full, but you ate dinner with me.

but right now, there's not enough for both of us.

maybe when we make more money?

Katie McMahon is a lady who lives in the North Hollywood area. She has a bachelor's degree that she keeps on her bookcase and looks at sometimes. She is getting a master's degree to put on her nightstand. Sometimes she takes pictures which you can look at here, but you don't have to if you're busy right now.

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