Monday, May 9, 2011

Luke Lagraff - So This is Yours

This is yours, a dirty plate, a rotten steak
This, too, is yours- 854-322-9957.
I want nothing but the plate.

But, alas, I can't clean like you. I'm dirty.
Just reallly dirty. I can't clean. I can, but
only myself, up. Oh, also
when it rains.
(Can you make it rain)
You can't?!
Well get out then!

Please leave the bucket. I need that list.
To remind me of you.

You were what I loved. Excuse me, who, I loved.

Now what to do with today. You've left. But, I'm right.
Yeah, I tell you I'm right but you, you don't listen.
Cause you're gone

I left it all on the relationship: The sweat, the time, the way I tried my best.
The, the game was, never timed. As I hear, if it's correctly timed, there is no time- it's untime!

So this is yours. A few words, it's all that's free to me. I hope you can be, yourself without me. And I hope I can continue, myself without you.
Love you

ps. don't forget to call, here's my number 423 544 2332

Luke LaGraff is a lover of sandwiches, egg nog, and one of a kind days. He used to forget them, but now has realized he shouldn't; they have more meaning than ever at this point of his life. He enjoys the sun in LA and watches hockey and funny things whenever he can. He listens to people. He's from Tennessee.


  1. don't call that number. he doesn't have any minutes.

  2. that number might. i don't know who it belongs to.