Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emily Idzior - Hollyweird Boulevard

Crazy ass bathroom broke into the coffee

ate all the stars and went home

Where did all the people go?

I counted the stars four by four through my breath

Broke into your heart and took it for myself

I still talk about the past

Buy something here buy something now buy something whenever

$2.99 for a memory of you and me

I’ll never remember you better

Cold and windy sunny and windy my hair is full of sand

I want to color inside the words

I took a picture

I held your hand on the beach

I took a picture

and laughed

When I went to Hollywood, I felt weird

and stiff like someone might see me

you saw me standing there walking away

the stars were outshone by the city lights

but they’re closer so why wouldn’t they

I broke into the coffee I broke into the stars

you broke into my heart

Emily Idzior is an aspiring poet and librarian who has to shush people poetically. She has a MA in salad making and wishes she loved tea without sugar but, alas, has a sweet tooth. She cannot quit waffles or coffee and writes in her personal blog once a year.

Also, she has a cat.


  1. I don't understand what happened with the spacing. I tried to fix it several times. :(

    Anyway, I love the poem. You should come back. Which bathroom was the craziest?

  2. aw it's okay! :)

    Thanks! I want to visit ASAP! And maybe stay someplace closer to you.

    Okay, honestly, the bathroom at that Coffee Bean place was so gross. I loved the shop though! It was just a really really gross bathroom. I saw a lot of nice ones also...I just remembered that the one bathroom that I used in Hollywood was gross.

  3. it is gross in there. I have only used it for emergencies. best bathroom goes to the griffith observatory outdoor bathroom.

  4. I really like your analysis of why you felt weird in Hollywood. -"stiff like someone might see me"