Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mary - Untitled

What the fuck am I doing when I let someone actually see me
What the fuck am I doing when I take down the layers that cover the words inked on my wrists
The heart carved into my tin man costume
I swear I have a brain
I swear I have a heart, look, it’s right here
I swear I have a home
And I just want to go back to it
And show you what the fuck I mean
When I say I’m scared, when I’m afraid, when I’m doubting
Every second every word every thought every move I make
But I do it anyway because I have to keep moving
And I have to take steps forward not back
And live in the moment
And live in the risks
Even though they scare me into feeling one hundred percent
Like I don’t know what the fuck I mean or what the fuck I want
But I can’t stop won’t stop shouldn’t ever take no for an answer
So here I am and here we are
It's me, unedited, unadulterated, uncovered.
And what the fuck else can I even say.

Mary is a somewhat recent college grad who still hasn't quite figured out where she wants to live or what she wants to do with her practically meaningless degree. She is currently settled in the cornfields of Northern Illinois and spends her time dreaming of a world where she could get paid to write and drink coffee all day.


  1. This was really good. Real. Honest. Genuine. I like it.