Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scott Joel Gizicki - First Steps

If you live life correctly, by my standards, you should experience at least three new "firsts" a year. This could be anything; from trying raw fish, going para-sailing or visiting Disneyland for the first time ever. That’s how I live my life: Proudly. I label myself as an experience whore, which makes me a walking conundrum because I’m also proud of the notion of avoiding labels at all cost. However, I additionally tend to get off subject which can be quite a nuisance when attempting to stay under 1500 words. This way of living is rewarding but does come with consequences.

There are a lot of those firsts that you would not even wish against your worst enemy. Diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 9. Burying your father at age 12. Seeing that your best friend has lost both his legs at age 14. It’s a "good with the bad" type of lifestyle, indeed. Having experienced such life altering moments, you must learn to alter your outlook, as well.

Although I consider myself a recovering Catholic one phrase always stuck with me: When God closes a door, He opens a window. This suggests that with each ending there’s a new beginning waiting for you, but I’ve taken it a step further. Nothing ends, it only keeps going. Well, for a while there I was going and going like a little pink bunny that used to invade commercials in the 90s. In December of 2009, someone was telling me to slow down. I had my first seizure in two years while driving and hit a tree breaking both my ankles. I went through a short time of telling myself that it’s over. This is going to halt all my plans. Then I remembered that whole outlook thing. My father was with me in that car to make sure I didn’t injure myself further and my best friend was with me in the hospital. I still had my legs and, wow, here he was walking. So, like my best friend, I changed my outlook and said, “How many people can say they were fortunate enough to take their first steps twice?”

Scott Joel Gizicki is just another one of those new Los Angeles residents that acts and enjoys writing as well. After being born and raised in Detroit, he finally made it 3,000 miles to the city he's always wanted to live in this past August. He hopes he can stand out from the crowd; at least a little bit. :)


  1. Scott, you are such an amazing person! I'd love to hear you write more and more and more about your experiences.

  2. Amazing, you are. I am epileptic myself too and have had a seizure that made me slow down as well. Keep writing!