Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sap Attack

I'm in total acceptance of the fact that some weeks here are going to be very full and some weeks are going to be very flimsy and almost completely empty of any writing. On those weeks, we will just be starving for the full weeks of beautifully written pieces that we can consume rapidly.

Then we will just wait for more.

I was talking with a friend about how impressed (and a little jealous) I was of her ability to perform in front of crowds (she's in a band and does stand-up comedy) and how awesome she is for being able to put herself out there like that. She said she felt the same way about me with writing and this blog, and I was like... what?

Getting to the point, I wanted to thank everyone who's written anything so far. I realize it's scary to put yourself out there, even if it's just friends or other aspiring writers reading your writing. It's like standing out on a stage and trying to connect in some way with your audience. It's not always comfortable, but I really appreciate everyone's effort and I think you are all totally beautiful and inspiring. So thanks for putting yourself out there.

Wow, how sappy.

I only have a couple submissions for this week's theme, "Hollyweird," so if you still want to write something, get it in to

Theme for 4/1: "Twenty minute stories." I think this will be super fun exercise for us all! And for those of you who feel like you never have any time for writing, it only takes twenty minutes. Here are the guidelines: Sit down or stand up. Write down the time with a pen or type it into whatever program you use to write your writings. Start your story or poem or lyrics or dramatic scene or whatever flows out of you. Write for twenty minutes. Put down your pen or take your fingers off the keyboard. Write down the time. Send in your submission with start and end times to:

Theme for 4/8: "Favorite Things." Write about your favorite sweater, your favorite place to vacation, your favorite memory. You can even turn in a recipe for your favorite food. Write about Oprah's Favorite Things if you don't have any of your own.

Thanks and have a great week!

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  1. thanks Katie.
    I like the tag about accepting things the way they are!