Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scott Joel Gizicki - King Midas, What a Bastard

Foreword: Sometimes in life, well, I think you just need to write yourself your own win like I did with this song below during a more trying time of my past.

King Midas, What a Bastard

I bought a Cow

It said Moo

Move on over to me

Went to the market

Came back covered in fleas

At least I still get the milk for free

I got it just the way I want it to be, yea

Chicken crossed the road

To catch a bus down to Georgia

Sold his soul to the devil

Ain’t gonna take no time

To take get my eggs outta basket

Send it on a one way ticket to hell

Just don’t forget to pack the snow cones

I think I keep walkin’

On the sunny side of the street

Ain’t gonna rain on this parade

They put a monkey on a cake

For my very first birthday

Now you betta get off of my back

Cuz I got it

Oh yes I got it

I got it just the way I want to be, yea

Ain’t gonna take granted

Eve’ything that’s been handed to me

Gonna keep this silver spoon under my tongue

And Just like King Midas

Touch eve’ything it turn to gold

I got it just the way I want it to be, yea

Cuz I got it, oh yes, I got it

I got it just the way I want it to be, yea

They say its cheaper by the dozen so I grab myself 13

Good thing the baker and candlestick maker are my friends

When you learn to play with fire

You’re gonna find a moth that gets burned

Just like a chicken down in hell

Yes, I’m gonna play charades

Among the water and the flame

With a wink

I make a lion tame

Cuz I got it, yes I got it

Oh I got it, Yes I got it

You know you want it, Cuz I got it

Yes I got it, oh I got it

I got it just the way I want it be, yea

Scott Joel Gizicki is just another one of those new Los Angeles residents that acts and enjoys writing as well. After being born and raised in Detroit, he finally made it 3,000 miles to the city he's always wanted to live in this past August. He hopes he can stand out from the crowd; at least a little bit. :)


  1. this reminds me of: 1. space ghost coast to coast, 2. cheaper by the dozen with mrs. tar, 3. I think that's it.

  2. I love that it reminds you of all three of those things especially #3 :)