Sunday, March 20, 2011

Please. Write.

Hey everybody! Today is a new week with a new theme. This week's theme "What the--?!" is turning out... not so swimmingly, I have to admit. I will not give up yet!

Not... yet.

I want to put it out there that if you haven't loved the themes we've had so far, then please go to our facebook page and suggest a theme that you'd like to write about. Share our blog with your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, your dentist, therapist, and anyone else who knows how to read and write (or you can read the posts to people and/or animals who can't read). If you are not a writer, please share your other creative talents with us! We will accept drawings, cartoons, sketches, photos, essays, poems, short stories, drama, and... seriously anything at all. Seriously.

Send all submissions to:

Theme for Friday 3/25: "Hollyweird." Send in submissions that relate to fame, fortune, misfortune, trips to Hollywood Boulevard, poems about your favorite movie star, a drawing of Kelly Clarkston, whatever you want! I'm desperate.

Theme for Friday 4/1: "Twenty minute stories." I think this will be super fun exercise for us all! And for those of you who feel like you never have any time for writing, it only takes twenty minutes. Here are the guidelines: Sit down or stand up. Write down the time with a pen or type it into whatever program you use to write your writings. Start your story or poem. Write for twenty minutes. Put down your pen or take your fingers off the keyboard. Write down the time. Send in the story* with start and end times to:

*If you do not want to write a short story, you can also use the twenty minute guideline for a drawing, poem, lyrics, etc.


Have a great week! Thanks to anybody who's reading this!


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  1. Great theme for this week. I think even I can focus enough to write for 20 minutes!