Sunday, March 6, 2011

You are all awesome.

Hey everybody! I just wanted to shout "Thank you!" at all of you a million times. We had a great first week back at WWWritest. I plan on doing my best to remind everyone to write as much as possible every week. There are a few things that you can do too!

1. Write. Every chance you get. If you are afraid or don't like a topic, that's actually our whole point! This blog's main purpose is to get writers writing so that they can become better writers. So if you're unsure or nervous, just take a risk and try it out. Maybe even write about it for this week's theme, "Risks" and turn it in today!

2. Read and tell all your friends to read! We like readers too. If there's something about someone's piece that you really like, leave a comment. If there's something you think they could improve on, leave a comment, but make sure it's constructive and layered with love and good intentions.

3. Come up with themes. This is good for you, yes you, because maybe you don't like some of the themes or there's something you've really wanted to write about. Here is your big chance! Suggest your themes on our facebook (and "like" our page!) or send them to

4. Try something new. We like essays, poems, scripts, lyrics, photos, cartoons, drawings, videos, sculptures, sandwiches, everything! Try it out and maybe it'll be totally awesome or delicious.

Submissions are due on Friday for this week's theme, "And the winner is..." Send them into

And seriously, thank you all so much again. You are all awesome and I hope you have a great week!


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